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CRM Software vendors all promote their solutions as “the best” based on features, functionality, customization and integration capabilities. It can prove challenging when trying to navigate the many options and make the best decision for your business. 

CRM Impact is here to guide you!

Choosing the Right CRM Software

1. Project management from start to finish:

CRM Impact guides organizations through the planning, selection and implementation process of CRM software solutions based on two decades of first-hand experience.

2. Keep the attention on your business: 

We are vendor & product neutral (no affiliations) in order to focus project objectives on improving the customers’ experience while empowering your staff behind the scenes.

3. More than just storing and sharing data:​

When every CRM software company claims to be the best, how can you be sure you're making the right choice for your business? To ensure a quality customer experience, CRM Software must support your customers' journey while empowering your staff to effectively manage business processes.

Over the last two decades Customer Relationship Management applications have undergone tremendous evolution and there are now many robust platforms to choose from offering a wide array of functionality and capability. So Where does CRM Impact come in?

CRM software acts as an invaluable tool set that when effectively implemented can support all aspects of customer interaction, capture valuable data, integrate with other systems and provide critical reporting. CRM Impact works to guide you through the process and advise what applications would be most beneficial to the business.

Did you know...

In a city-wide study performed by The Rockefeller Corporation in New York City 

they found that, on average, customers left because they felt you didn't care about them. CRM applications allow you to stay connected to your customers and build long lasting relationships.

Propelling You Toward Success

CRM Impact helps manage all aspect of CRM Software implementation:

Establishing Project Objectives & Timelines

Effectively Implementing Software

Determining Resource Requirements

Budget Planning & Optimization

Product Comparison

Vendor Selection & Management 

Managing Projects to Fruition

Stay Informed:

7 Data Sources You Should Absolutely Be Plugging into Your CRM

"Your CRM is your secret weapon, if you're filling it with the right data..."

CRM Impact has been delivering Customer Relationship Management solution leadership for more than two decades. We guide companies seeking growth through customer-focused strategies and that results in improved customer relationships, better engaged employees and enhanced productivity.


Improved and sustained employee relationships.
Improved and sustained customer relationships.
Improved profitability and business growth.